About Me

Sculpture and Environmental Artist

The growth of my practice is to open conversations on personal and local lives, touching on proximities and absences as a way to find my voice in contemporary society. My work is dependent upon environmental factors or site-specificity and explores themes of impermanence, grief and making new connections to reflect the wider themes of personal and community identity while contemplating ideas of a ‘contemporary history’ or a ‘lost present’.

My work has become heavily process based and I am interested in the meditative process of making, most recently while exploring the properties of different clay bodies and the ritualistic nature of alternative firing techniques.

I am intrigued in the ephemeral nature within work that can exist in the reliance of others and in the flux of impermanence within nature.

As a result, my work is interdisciplinary, working in a range of mediums from ceramics, performance art, site specific work to ephemeral forms and their points of intersection. The social connection being an essential element that is present in all works while focusing on the importance of connectivity within my practice, whether this be to the land or to people or poetics.

If you would like to talk about collaborating, or if you have a specific project you would like to propose or commission, you can contact me through email.